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    Sport Lid for 260 ml and 500 ml bottles

    The Meribottles Sport Lid is designed for those of you who want easy access to your water bottle. Our Sport Lid can easily be opened by the press of a button. No need to screw the lid open to access your ice cold water, just tap the lid and voilá, let there be water! 💦

    UPDATE: We've updated the Sport Lid in August 2023! Better design and higher quality. Hope you enjoy it as much as the old version!

    This version is only suited for all of our 260 and 500 ml bottles!

    Delivery times

    Finland: 1-3 working days

    Rest of EU: 4-7 working days

    90% of orders placed before 14:00 on a working day will be shipped during the same day 💙

    Why Meri?

    With the Meribottles we want to fight the use of plastics in two main ways. Firstly, our bottles are made out of stainless steel, which makes our products a long-lasting friend for your everyday life. Secondly, we want to help different organizations in their mission to keep our world’s oceans clean.

    This is why we donate 1€ for every bottle we sell to charity. Check out our Instagram @meribottles to receive updates about our donations.

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