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    Here you can find the most common asked questions

    There is no good reason why plastic water bottles should be used anymore. They are bad for the environment, they do not keep liquids cool (or warm) for long, they are difficult to wash and therefore they attract bacteria and they are often ugly. Meribottles offer the exact opposite.

    Meribottles are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with double steel coverage. Materials used are stainless steel, a tiny amount of plastic and a silicon ring.

    Your Meribottle will take care of you for a long time, if you take care of it. Remember to regularly rinse and wash your Meribottle and its cap, especially before its first use. We recommend to wash your bottle every 2-3 days after use. This ensures that your Meribottle remains clean. Meribottles are not suitable for dishwashers.

    To avoid stinky smells or bad taste, we recommend once in a while using a bit of bicarbonate soda or washing soap when washing the bottle. For the future we are even planning to sell scrubb brushes suitable for the Meribottle.

    Not even a bit.

    260 ml: Height: 20.5 cm x Width 6 cm. Weight: 0.215 kg

    500 ml: Height: 26.2 cm x Width 6.8 cm. Weight: 0.285 kg

    750 ml: Height: 31 cm x Width 7.5 cm. Weight: 0.425 kg

    1000 ml: Height: 32.6 cm x Width 8.3 cm. Weight: 0.507 kg

    1500ml: Height: 34.9 cm x Width 10 cm. Weight 0.780 kg.

    Yes they are! But remember to put the lid on tightly.

    Up to 24 hours cold

    Up to 12 hours warm.

    If you need your liquids to stay cool or hot for a longer time, we recommend putting in ice or boiling hot liquids when using.

    Meribottles will not rust if you take care of it and they are extremely durable because of the quality steel that the bottles are made of.

    Meribottles are manufactured by our good friends in China. We would love to tell you more about them, but as a short summary: They're highly qualified and experienced, they have been issued with several certificates, for example the ISO 9001:2008 certificate and the Meribottles they manufacture are all CE / EU certified.

    For the future we are looking for possibilities to also manufacture our bottles within the EU. For the moment it has not been financially possible for us to do that.

    Meribottles should not be put in microwaves. Warm drinks such as coffee and tea are suitable, but liquids should be warmed before putting them in the Meribottles.

    Water, coffee, tea, milk, juice... and yes, even alcohol! Happy news, right? Just remember to wash your Meribottle extra carefully to avoid nasty smells and taste. The drink we want you to be cautious with, in case you are an active person is carbonic acid drinks like sparkling water, sodas and sparkling wine.

    Not a problem if you want to enjoy some cool sparkling wine on a summer picnic, but please don't go for a jog with it. Otherwise your might find yourself with a wet t-shirt and no water in the bottle after the water has erupted for being shaken.

    Good question! We say no. Just like you, your Meribottle has its own life filled with ups and downs, bumps and bruises. But bruises don't mean that we're broken, right? It just means we're living. Your Meribottle loves to travel with you and experience new things. Definitely take care of it, the same way it takes care of you. But don't worry if it gets a few scratches, it's just means that you're using it.  

    You absolutely can! If you want to order personalized bottles for example your company or your soccer team, email us at and we will make it happen! 😊 Read more about it on our For Companies -page

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    If you live in a country where we currently do not ship, please contact us at We do not, however, ship outside of Europe in any case.

    Because we aim to reduce plastics in the world, we also don’t want to use plastic shipping bags. Your Meribottle will arrive in a beautiful brown cardboard shipping box, which you can recycle or collect to build a fort of boxes. Or make a boat from it, and travel across the seven seas...

    Depending on where you live, usually 1-7 days. We aim to ship our orders as quick as possible.

    Finland: 1-3 working days

    Rest of EU: 4-7 working days

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