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    September 29, 2022 3 min read

    Stainless Steel Water Bottle Guide

    Provided by yours truly - Meribottles

    How hard can it be to choose a stainless steel water bottle, you may ask. Not too hard if you know exactly what you are looking for. But that's how it is with most things. When you know what you want, it's easy. But when there are several color options, different sizes and even different models to choose from, it can be quite difficult.

    Therefore, we decided to write this short how-to -article, to help you choose the perfect stainless steel water bottle. 

    First things first; Size matters, at least when it comes to water bottles. We provide four different sizes of Meribottles: 260 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml bottles. 260 ml bottles are perfect water bottles for children, as they are small, much lighter than the other models and are easy to carry with you in a backpack to school or to practice. However, 260 ml bottles are not only meant for children, as they are not only backpack-friendly but also purse-friendly, which means that they fit in almost any standard sized purse, they are light weight and they are 100 % leakproof. 

    Our 500 ml bottles are our "OG" bottles (that is our original bottles if you do not speak millennial lingo...). They are our most sold bottles for a reason and the reason is that they are the perfect compromise bottle. Not too small to leave you thirsty, not too big and heavy and most importantly not an old and dirty plastic bottle that is already breaking into millions of small plastic particles and ending up in your stomach 🤢 At the moment we have over thirty different colored 500 ml bottles, which makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect stainless steel water bottle. If you don't know which size to buy, choose 500 ml, you will not regret it 😊

    Well what about the big bottles you ask? You sure ask a lot of questions, but that's okay! That's what we're here for 💙 Not gonna lie, the differences between the 750 ml and the 1000 ml bottles are quite small. To be fair, the only difference is *budum tss 🥁* size. They both are big and fairly heavy, but the 1000 ml is just a little bit bigger and heavier. We ourselves and many of our customers use our bigger bottles as gym / training bottles and as outdoor and hiking bottles. Therefore the question you have to answer is "how much water do I drink when I train or hike?". If the answer is A LOT, you should choose the 1000 ml bottle as it will keep you hydrated for a longer time. Both good choices and don't worry, they're not SUPER heavy, just a little bit heavier than a normal plastic bottle (boo plastic👎!)

    TL;DR (again, youth lingo which stands for "too long; did not read")? No worries, you're a busy person, we get it. Therefore an executive summary below:

    260 ml: 🧒🏽,👛 

    500 ml: 👨‍💻,🏃‍♀️, 🚵‍♀️, 🏠 ,🏌️, 🧘‍♀️

    750 ml: 🏋🏻, 🥾, 🏞️, 🏕️

    1000 ml: 🏋🏻, 🥾, 🏞️, 🏕️

    Okay, are you ready know? Do you feel like Ash Ketchum, ready to choose your first Pokemón? We know you are, you just have to believe in yourself because deep down you know what the right choice for you is. So go ahead and make the pick: All Meribottles.