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Sport Lid for 260 ml and 500 ml bottles

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The Meribottles Sport Lid is designed for those of you who want easy access to your water bottle. Our Sport Lid can easily be opened by the press of a button. No need to screw the lid open to access your ice cold water, just tap the lid and voilá, let there be water! 💦

This version is only suited for all of our 260 and 500 ml bottles!

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260 ml: Height: 20.5 cm x Width 6 cm. Weight: 0.215 kg

500 ml: Height: 26.2 cm x Width 6.8 cm. Weight: 0.285 kg

750 ml: Height: 31 cm x Width 7.5 cm. Weight: 0.425 kg

1000 ml: Height: 32.6 cm x Width 8.3 cm. Weight: 0.507 kg

1500ml: Height: 34.9 cm x Width 10 cm. Weight 0.780 kg.

Delivery times

Finland: 1-3 working days

Rest of EU: 4-7 working days

90% of orders placed before 14:00 on a working day will be shipped during the same day 💙

Why Meri?

With the Meribottles we want to fight the use of plastics in two main ways. Firstly, our bottles are made out of stainless steel, which makes our products a long-lasting friend for your everyday life. Secondly, we want to help different organizations in their mission to keep our world’s oceans clean.

This is why we donate 1€ for every bottle we sell to charity. Check out our Instagram @meribottles to receive updates about our donations.