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Not the most exciting thing to hear a bee buzzing around in your living room during a warm summer day... You might even want to smash the little poor thing into pieces. We get you, no fun in getting stung by a bee 🤕 But the fact is that we and our planet really really need bees 🐝

Bees play a crucial role in maintaining and balancing our ecosystem. Bees pollinate a vast majority of plants and flowers in Europe by transferring pollen from one plant to another and therefore creating food and shelter for many other creatures in our ecosystem 💛

Awareness for the bees! 🐝 🙏

All Meribottles are made out of double walled stainless steel to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. BPA-free.

This Meribottle comes with a "travel bag" that is made from loneta cotton, that helps to keep your Meribottle clean and beautiful for years to come. 

Delivery times

Finland: 1-3 working days

Rest of EU: 4-7 working days

90% of orders placed before 14:00 on a working day will be shipped during the same day 💙

Why Meri?

With the Meribottles we want to fight the use of plastics in two main ways. Firstly, our bottles are made out of stainless steel, which makes our products a long-lasting friend for your everyday life. Secondly, we want to help different organizations in their mission to keep our world’s oceans clean.

This is why we donate 1€ for every bottle we sell to charity. Check out our Instagram @meribottles to receive updates about our donations.

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